Your cancer care is in good hands.
Introducing The Bridge Program.

You have cancer. You are at an impasse in your cancer care. You don’t know what to do and you are overwhelmed by it all.

Day in and day out, you spin your wheels and try to find the next steps forward towards a confident, productive path of support and healing.

You google your diagnosis only to become more confused. You read one book about cancer and the next book you read claims the exact opposite.

You start down one path, only to be met with unexpected challenges, symptoms, and no positive changes in your lab work or scans.

You try to turn your brain off, but it is always on, trying to solve an a problem and health condition that is not simple, not straight-forward.

You believe it is possible to get to the other side of this diagnosis, but you don’t know how and you are just spinning your wheels using a shot gun approach to cancer, trying this or that supplement and protocol out of a hope that something will stick and work.

You have worked with some holistic practitioners, but no one is confident enough to guide you through the entire process.

You need a blueprint. A bridge to the other side. You need Cancer Peace University’s Bridge Program.

Fever Therapy Protocol:
Therapeutic protocols established

Gain access to our fever therapy protocol that sparks the immune system into action. This protocol has been developed over a decade and synergizes the best of integrative cancer approaches.

Root Causes Revealed:
Core Curriculum self-paced learning track to understand why you developed cancer.

To cross over so to speak through our Bridge Program, you need to not only change your approach to cancer, you need to change the way that you think about cancer. Access our core curriculum books and videos that will help you to clarify why you developed cancer emotionally, energetically and physically to spark the next steps in your healing process.

Cancer Peace University Success Guide

Do you need a blueprint for success? Follow our implementation strategy that tailors aspects of your cancer while building on foundational reasons why you developed cancer and start implementing your new-found knowledge towards cutting edge, effective, prudent integrative protocols.

So what exactly is involved in The Bridge Program?

Fever Therapy Protocol

Through our tried and true fever therapy protocol, receive the physical blueprint of support to wake up a dormant immune system to deal with cancer cells on its own.

Why Fever Therapy?

Your immune system goes into a state of anergy or non-reactivity during cancer, unable to act appropriately against the cancer. Fever therapy is a process of intentionally waking up the immune system by using protocols that synergies towards chills, fevers and flu-like symptoms. Simply put, during cancer, we need to see the immune system wake up. This happens when we see flu-like symptoms in addition to a fever response (hopefully higher than 100 degrees F).

The backbone of immunotherapy research

One hallmark of spontaneous remission to cancer was noted to be a fever induced typically by an infection prior to the remission. Western medical literature would occasionally note that a cancer patient would develop an infection and if they survived the infection, their tumor would shrink or they would go into complete remission. For example, St. Peregrine Laziosi (1260-1345), was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on one of his legs when he was young. The lesion ulcerated and became severely infected, warranting amputation. However, by the time the surgeon arrived, the infection had lessened and the tumor had shrunk. The wound healed and Peregrine kept his leg and lived until 85 years of age with no cancer recurring. Researchers began to consider warmth and fever in immune-modulation as a potential treatment for cancer. This was the birth of the research and development of immunotherapy treatments. The goal of immunotherapy is to trigger a heightened and more efficient immune response in the battle against cancer.

Coley’s toxins

Dr. Coley was the first researcher to explore immunotherapy in his patients by using live bacteria to induce an infection in cancer patients. Coley’s Toxins was the earliest form of immunotherapy. William B. Coley was a cancer surgeon who went through medical files and found all healthy cancer survivors had developed and fought off a major infection, usually accompanied with a high fever. After recovering from the infection, their cancers shrunk or they experienced complete remission from cancer. Coley took this information and began highly controversial experimental treatments, injecting cancer patients tumors with live streptococcus bacteria to induce fever. At this time, most of his patients survived the therapy and the survivors did experience tumor shrinkage or remissions. Coley later developed a safer, heat- treated preparation from killed bacteria, using this in over 1,000 patients.


Everyone’s body is unique and bio-individual, but we will guide you through a process of implementing protocols like supplements, therapies, IVs and detoxification strategies that synergize together to induce a fever response, wake up the immune system against the cancer and to induce detoxification that harnesses the ability of the body to resolve underlying root causes to cancer on the physical side of things.

How do we monitor progress?

Fevers is one measure of progress. We would like all cancer patients to experience fevers throughout the protocol implementation (unless you are currently on chemotherapy, then we would work on targeting the chemotherapy with our protocols and supporting the body to mitigate side effects during chemotherapy). The other avenue in which we will monitor progress during the clinical review would be tests, bloodwork and scans that are appropriate for each individual’s diagnosis: Gene mutations that are present and related to cancer, Nagalase testing, C-Reactive Protein, Cancer Antigen Tests, CA-125, CA-15-30, along with scans. Ideally, we would want 3 different tests to be done every 3-months to monitor progress clinically. (Some cancer patients need more tests more often, depending on where their diagnosis is at currently).

2. Root Causes Revealed Core Curriculum Videos and books.

JOIN us in the journey of understanding the important question: Why did I develop cancer?

You’ve been diagnosed. You have been to your meetings with your oncologist. But you are still confused. 

Why did I develop cancer?

You asked the question to your oncologist, why did I develop cancer? And he gave you some sort of vague response of it may be genetic, we will test for this or you were unlucky or random replication errors in your cells.

Really? That’s it?

You have a sinking feeling that there is more to the story, but you don’t have the knowledge or expertise to piece together the details of why you developed cancer.

You asked your oncologist, can I eat any specific diet to help my body during treatments?

And he answers, “You can meet with the dietician, but we mainly want you eating high calorie foods so that you can keep your weight up, ice cream and high carbs so that you don’t lose too much weight during treatments.”

WTF? Really? Ice cream. 

You thought you would have some answers after your diagnosis, but you are left with more questions than answers.

If this sounds like you, and you’re struggling to find answers, or wade through all the conflicting information and wish you could come up with a game plan to feel more secure- this bridge program is for you!

You decide to take matters into your own hands, so you start Googling “holistic approaches to cancer”, “diet and cancer”, “can I eat red meat?”, “Can I eat ice cream during cancer?”

And you start to get all kinds of conflicting answers. 

In the midst of it all, you are hearing from friends, family members, perfect strangers even, that you should go raw, vegan, go to Mexico, try infrared saunas, try some coffee enemas? Coffee what? 

Everyone has the best of intentions and wants to help… 

but you are overwhelmed and want to scream.

You cannot take in the flood of information and the lack

of information all at the same time.

The people who should be your go to experts during your diagnosis are passing you off to nurses and dietitians and spending the least amount of time with you.

And Google is failing you. 

Why Root Causes Revealed & The Bridge Program?

Find Answers

There are real reasons why you developed cancer. This is not to cast blame or cause you to feel remorseful or guilty about your life, choices and lifestyle. This is meant to empower your choices towards a proactive path of change and transformation both internally and externally!

Find Peace

Walking through a diagnosis in a state of panic, fear, uncertainty, and misunderstanding is not productive or helpful. Living in a state of fear is sabotaging your ability to rest and repair. You need a foundation of understanding so that you can gain insight into why you developed cancer and then ease into a productive path of restoration.

Find Support

Are you the only one questioning all of the conflicting info out there about cancer? No, you are not alone. Many face cancer in the light of uncertainty and feel ill-equipped to understand the research necessary to find a productive path forward. In the Root Causes Revealed core curriculum videos in our Bridge Program, you will find the support of a guiding, confident voice to clarify “What Is Cancer,” not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and energetically.

Find Transformation

Nobody desires to develop cancer. No one sees cancer as a gift or an opportunity. At least initially. However, some are able to shift towards accepting their path or diagnosis and allowing it to be a catalyst of internal transformation and external change. Walking through Root Causes Revealed as part of The Bridge Program, you will understand and connect with your true, authentic self for perhaps the first time. Let us guide you transformation through Root Causes Revealed core curriculum videos in our Bridge Program.

Find Support

The research is there… 

There are real cancer researchers that have made progressive understandings in answering the question, “Why did I develop cancer? Or better said, why do people develop cancer?”

Researchers like Dr. Otto Warburg, who discovered that cancer cells had missing mitochondria or damaged mitochondria. 

(FYI, Dr. Otto Warbarg went on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his research). 

There are real researchers with weighty discoveries.

Like Dr. Johanna Budwig, who discovered that cancer was a disease of the blood with major deficiencies associated with the diagnosis that would cause the blood to become sludgy, thick and greenish instead of red.

But who has the time and ability to pour into the cancer research in a meaningful way during a cancer diagnosis? 

Everything is so urgent and delicate. What if you miss something, or get side tracked on the wrong research that is not applicable to your case?

Here comes Cancer Peace University, we’ve done the research for you, packaged and streamlined all the research in an easy to follow format of videos, books and a fever therapy protocol that help to unlock the real reasons why you developed cancer not just physically, but emotionally and energetically

WHAT Cancer Peace University ALUMNI ARE SAYING about Root Causes Revealed

woman in white black and red floral sleeveless dress standing near green trees during daytime
“I didn’t feel like a ‘diagnosis’ working with CPU; instead,
I was Uplifted from the empathetic
support I received. As I watched CPU’s very informative and well-researched videos, Root Causes Revealed, I knew that I had made the right decision to work with CPU! Shortly after, I was declared NED, No Evidence Of Disease, by my oncologist. The support I found through CPU has been invaluable. I could write my own book about how much CPU helped me!” Lila, diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and told that she would be on chemotherapy the rest of her life.
“Meg saved my life! Her wisdom and practical intelligence helped me defeat cancer. Her knowledge of the nutritional needs and therapies for a cancer patient are phenomenal. As a former librarian, I respect and value research. Meg’s research of the root causes of cancer and best cancer fighting protocols is outstanding! She is an expert. Her counsel is heartfelt, and she is very passionate about saving her clients. I wholeheartedly recommend Megan’s course, The Root Causes Revealed to anyone battling cancer. She is a very genuine human being and a true jewel!” Jamie,
originally diagnosed with breast cancer
The Founder


Through the last decade of walking cancer patients through a cancer diagnosis, I am excited to release for the first time “The Bridge Program” with Cancer Peace University and our many collaborations with integrative cancer clinics.

You may be walking through a cancer diagnosis and you haven’t figured out how to connect all the dots so to speak in your cancer care and in your understanding of What Is Cancer.

Something is missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it.


That is why we created the Bridge Program.

An educational resource process and a physical protocol that can move you towards the right direction in synergizing your cancer care.

You may be working with an integrative doctor or clinic that has recommended The Bridge Program to you and wants to support you in our fever therapy protocols.

You may have stumbled across Cancer Peace University through our website, a podcast interview or a recommendation from a friend who has heard about us.

Either way, however you have found us, we are glad that you did.

Which leads me to an experience with a cancer patient that has guided my approaches to supporting cancer patients throughout the years and led me to simplify the complicated process that is the cancer journey.

I received a phone call from a cancer patient who was newly diagnosed. She was desperate and full of emotion, panic and jumping from thought to thought.

But one part of the conversation struck me the most when she said the following, “I’m overwhelmed. I don’t want to become a cancer patient and have this become my life. I have appointments, people calling to schedule treatments and procedures and scans. I want my life back.”

It wasn’t necessarily what she said, but the way she said it. Her emotions were so raw, fresh and seemingly impossible to even articulate, much less process.

She was dealing with The Overwhelm Factor of a cancer diagnosis. 

Too many appointments, treatments scheduled within days of your diagnosis, decisions to make within in a small span of time ends up leaving a person mentally and emotionally exhausted.

And many of my cancer patients say a similar thing: “I just don’t want to become a ‘cancer patient,’ where my life is all about managing, treating and trying to heal from this diagnosis. 

On top of being overwhelmed, after a diagnosis, you are fearful, uncertain, not confident that you are eating the right things, doing the right things, picking the right treatment path and support team.  

This is what led me to develop a program that simplified the process for the cancer patient.

We want to shift you from a place of overwhelm, fear and passivity to a place of confidence, support and proactivity. This is why we have a plan for you: physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically.

We have the right blueprint for your cancer diagnosis, physically. As one cancer doctor so eloquently spoke, “I found the cure for cancer! It’s your immune system.”

The fever therapy protocols will work for you if you have an immune system.

Good news! Most of us have an immune system.

Secondly, the overwhelm factor has to do with not understanding why you developed cancer or what exactly leads to the development of cancer.

Our core curriculum, Root Causes Revealed videos and our core curriculum books will lead you through a deep dive into What Is Cancer emotionally, physically, energetically and what can we do about it!

Knowledge by itself is not power, but the right, revelatory knowledge about cancer is true empowerment and freedom from fear and the overwhelm factor.

I know that the overwhelm factor after a cancer diagnosis is so real and present those first weeks and even months after a diagnosis.

I know that the overwhelm factor won’t just disappear after a few days or a month without a conscious process of proactively processing, expressing, and finding the support needed to shift out of overwhelm and into a proactive stage of healing.

Our minds are powerful and able to both accept a diagnosis and move forward into a healing process.

Further, we are wired to cope and move forward with a hopeful optimism.

We just need the right tools to get there.

That is why we have The Bridge Program for you. We break it down for you step by step and help you get “there,” across a seemingly insurmountable bridge of fear, overwhelm, passivity and challenges that you can overcome.

If you have the right support, the right information and the right blueprint to follow.

Thousands of people deal with The Overwhelm Factor after a cancer diagnosis. The Overwhelm Factor will try to paralyze you into fear and make you passive in your stance towards cancer, instead of finding your place of active involvement and growth during your healing process. 

In this, The Bridge Program, shakes you out of The Overwhelm Factor and brings the knowledge, the physical blueprint and the path that not only empowers, but brings the revelation that transforms the lives of cancer patients.


There’s no better time to open your mind and receive the revelatory knowledge that will

inspire true understanding & clarity of how the body is wired, what the purpose of cancer

is in the body and what needs to be addressed to shift the body physically, emotionally and energetically.