This Cancer Peace University ‘product suite’ is designed to provide you with a comprehensive combination of training, support, advice & action steps consisting of:

  • The 3 Step Cancer Solution: The Most Ignored Root Cause of Cancer, a workshop meant to help you both understand why emotions play a role during cancer and to give you a strategy of how to access subconscious beliefs and imprints that are causing energetic blocks as well as patterns of toxic cancer emotions coming to the surface
  • Overcome The Overwhelm: A visual and audio guide to help the overwhelmed cancer patient navigate what to do in a 30-day increment, make positive steps forwards to experience a momentum shift in your cancer diagnosis!
  • Cookbook: Fuel Your Body, Not Your Cancer, which provides superfoods to incorporate during a cancer diagnosis, what foods to emphasize on during cancer and the information to empower you to embrace your vegetables and wheatgrass! Includes delicious recipes to make cooking for cancer both nourishing and enjoyable! 
  • Braving The Storm Book & Workbook’s main aim is to guide the you through a systematic process of uncovering your emotional, energetic and spiritual root causes to your diagnosis which will lead you ultimately to a path of a profound, internal transformation that we hope will impact your biology!
  • Change Your Cancer Story book, which emphasizes the current cancer research breakthroughs that are commonly overlooked and how to incorporate impactful protocols into your anti-cancer strategies!
  • “Root Causes Revealed” core curriculum videos: Discover the research and discoveries of brilliant cancer researches and uncover 10 main root causes to cancer that when properly understood, can have strategies that allows you to address those root causes, as a bonus you will receive our Success Guide which helps you implement the knowledge from our videos into daily and weekly healing strategies.
  • All for 10% less than if purchased separately