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This Cancer Peace University ‘product suite’ is designed to provide you with a comprehensive combination of training, support, advice & action steps consisting of:

  • The 3 Step Cancer Solution
  • Overcome The Overwhelm
  • Cookbook: Fuel Your Body, Not Your Cancer, which provides superfoods and cancer, what foods to emphasize & why. Include recipes to make cooking for cancer both nourishing and delicious! 
  • Braving The Storm Book & Workbook to guide the cancer patient through a profound, internal transformation to uncover the emotional and energetic root causes to their diagnosis
  • Change Your Cancer Story book, which emphasizes the current cancer research breakthroughs that are commonly overlooked and how to incorporate impactful protocols into your anti-cancer strategies 
  • “Root Causes Revealed” core curriculum videos 
  • All for 10% less than if purchased separately

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