Clinic Support

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of how you train your clinicians. Creating Cancer Experts is what CPU does. From our established curriculum to custom modules, CPU supports clinics where they need it most. Let us educate your staff and allow yourself more time to meet all the other demands of running your business.

Patient Support

There is so much fear that accompanies receiving a cancer diagnosis. At CPU we work to alleviate those fears by guiding our patients through their diagnoses. We replace the unknown with a scientific understanding of what is cancer, its root emotional causes and how specific treatment protocols support their body's natural ability to heal. CPU's support changes the patient experience with cancer, increases the likelihood of treatment protocol compliance, and elicits hope where doubt previously lingered.

Are you struggling to….

  • Relay my expertise to my staff in a formal training

  • Offload some of my responsibility to my staff in communicating key concepts about holistic protocols

  • Protect my clinic’s reputation by consistently maintaining staff who represent my knowledge about holistic cancer care

  • Retain staff and motivate them to take more responsibility

  • Sustain a high cancer success rate in the face of the tremendous need and lack of knowledge with staff and cancer patients

Cancer Peace University is here to help.

We help in 3 main ways:

  • Train your staff in the emotional and physical roots of cancer and ensure they possess expert-level knowledge of holistic cancer care.

  • Support your clinic in achieving a high cancer treatment success rate by expanding comprehensive care and staff expertise.

  • Educate your patients to understand the cause of their cancer and identify ways to aid in their body’s natural healing process.

Meet Megan Van Zyl, owner and CEO of Cancer Peace University 

Megan’s vision is to change the holistic cancer paradigm of what constitutes holistic cancer care and how to best support those diagnosed with cancer on the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels. 

In addition to working directly with cancer patients, Megan developed CPU’s custom and comprehensive training program which holistic clinicians successfully rely on to become cancer experts.

In building a successful private practice, she has spent her career working to fight all types and stages of cancer through a variety of testing, techniques and healing modalities that address their root causes.

For her significant work with both cancer patients and practitioners, Megan Van Zyl received an honorary doctorate from United Theological College in Philosophy of Humanities. She also holds her MA in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University and is an FNTP and GAPS practitioner.

Cancer Peace University Core Curriculum: 11 Module Videos

Your immune system & cancer

Explore the role of autoimmune disease, leaky gut, anergy and chronic infections during a diagnosis.

Your detoxification system & cancer

Learn critical information about your liver and bile flow, MTHFR pathways, detoxification impairment, and how to support the body to detoxify safely during a cancer diagnosis or as a way to promote longevity.

Mitochondrial disease & cancer

Discover the profound work of Dr. Otto Warburg and bio-oxidative therapies to support during a cancer diagnosis. The classic question, "what came first, the chicken or the egg", applies in the debate of what came first, mitochondrial disease or damage to the genome.

Thyroid dysfunction & cancer

How a small butterfly-shaped gland in your neck can have a huge impact to promote longevity or to create an internal environment that is opportunistic for cancerous growth.

Emotional roots to cancer & The Type C Personality

Conclusions that we make in childhood develop the lens in which we see the world. These become our core beliefs. In this module, learn about how your subconscious, maladaptive core beliefs quite literally instruct your genome and can increase the likelihood of developing cancer. Learn how to become your own brain surgeon and rewire your subconscious mind to support a healing process.

Healing In A Quantum Universe

Dive into the intriguing world of quantum physics to understand how our natural world interacts with the spiritual world. Explore how spiritual and energetic channels in your body become a surge of healing potential or can become like the dead battery of a car. Find solutions for healing on a quantum level that will surprise and astound you.

Cancer Peace University Core Curriculum (continued)

The stress response system & cancer

Stressed? Your body knows it. Stress changes your internal environment and has been linked to a cancer diagnosis. Learn to upregulate your stress response system and diminish the load of stressors in your life.

Present Day Treatment Options

Explore the history of chemotherapy as well as potential risks, side effects, benefits, and limitations to present-day treatment options. Know what you are facing to make the best decision possible in your treatment choices.

The Cancer Detoxification Diet

Malnourished cancer patients who received proper nutritional support had a mortality rate of 11% while a group without proper nutrition had a 100% mortality rate. Nutrition impacts survival outcomes. In this module, learn about four different dietary approaches to support the body during a cancer diagnosis.

Common nutritional deficiencies & cancer

A trip around the world finds cultures with significantly low rates of cancer. What are they doing differently? Let's learn from these cultures and address the common deficiencies found in our culture as well as in the lives of those diagnosed with cancer.


We have had the pleasure of working alongside Megan Van Zyl and Cancer Peace University throughout the last several years. Megan's recent book "Braving the Storm" is something we now recommend to all of our patients as part of their emotional healing process. If you are a holistic or integrative clinic and considering working with CPU, we would highly recommend it. We are grateful for the beautiful service CPU provides, Megan's heart for those afflicted with cancer is a bright light amidst an often dark and difficult journey.

Conners Clinic
Cancer Peace University is an essential course for practitioners and clinics that work with cancer patients. In this course, I have learned so much about the root causes of cancer, and have gained clarity as to how to promote longevity and the steps to take to address a cancer diagnosis. The course is heavily research-based, and the most surprising thing I learned, was the relationship between trauma and cancer. I highly recommend this course!

Jenna Huff, practitioners working with cancer patients
CPU has literally blown my mind. The paradigm shift was palpable. The pieces are finally falling into place.  The human body is truly miraculous!! Never have I felt more strongly that we are not helpless in our health outcomes, genetics is only a fraction of the equation and stress, trauma & toxicity play roles far greater than we have been allowed to believe. 

Rena Shaab, a practitioner working with cancer patient
Cancer Peace University offers an all-inclusive knowledge base of scientific information, from the last 100 years, which is crucial for any holistic practitioner, clinic and staff member of a clinic to understand when working with a client with cancer. You will learn in-depth how cancer develops, about cancer prevention and holistic cancer protocols, all while receiving the support and encouragement of a seasoned cancer expert. 

Shannon S., a holistic practitioner working with cancer patients 

Cancer Peace University is here to help train your staff and educate your cancer patients.

To set up a clinic review to assess the needs of your clinic and how Cancer Peace University can support where you are at, email us at [email protected]