"I wish I had known about Cancer Peace University from the beginning!"

"I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer Stage 4 on June 30th, 2017. It was found in my spine and ovaries. I dealt moment by moment with the fear that attempts to control and cripple your thoughts when you have a cancer diagnosis.

I began to work with Cancer Peace University shortly after stopping a medication that I felt was not working and had too many risks and side effects. I followed the plan from Cancer Peace University strictly. Now, I will not belittle how hard this was as you need to want to LIVE a long healthy life. It was hard work. The discipline was worth it because every few months, I saw my cancer numbers go down, and down, until one day exactly one year after my diagnosis, I was in the normal range on a cancer marker blood test!

Megan was very helpful and encouraging, especially after a challenging report from the doctor. I wish I had known about Cancer Peace University from the beginning! I do feel I owe her my long, healthy life that I am going to live!

I recommend Cancer Peace University all the time to people that hear my story and want to go about healing cancer a better, more holistic way."
- Roxy

"I strongly recommend Megan to help you in your cancer journey!"

"Megan has really helped me tremendously through my cancer diagnosis! She is very kind, compassionate and understanding.

I started with her in June 2018 and she has educated my husband and myself extensively with her deep, deep knowledge of cancer of why and how it occurs in the body.

I am following her protocol designed for triple negative breast cancer and have been doing well and feeling great.

Prior to meeting with her...I felt overwhelmed with which direction to go with either conventional or alternative! She told me she would support me either way! I finally chose to go the alternative route and have been at peace with my choice as I prayed about this huge decision in my life.

Megan in small steps helps you figure out things as you go along....I strongly recommend Megan to help you in your cancer journey!

I live in Michigan and she lives in Minnesota! We have never seen each other physically but we use the Zoom conference app and we can see one another via our computers or cell phones! It's like she is in the room with you! She is worth every cent and then some!!!"
- Brenda


"In the past, I had a diagnosis of prostate cancer and had my prostate removed. More recently, I had my PSA tested in March of this year and found out that it had jumped dramatically in 4 months to 134. I received a hormone shot and began working with Megan shortly thereafter. Through the supplements that Megan established, dietary changes, and prayer surrounding emotional and spiritual roots to disease, after 2 months my PSA score dropped to 1.33. Unbelievable." - Randy

"We Can See the Light in His Eyes"

"We adopted our dear son Jack, when he was 8.5 months old. We believe that his orphanage was a caring place, as Jack did not experience a lot of the transitions that some adopted kids do. However, when I gave birth to Jack's sister, we realized that there were some connection areas undeveloped in Jack. Jack was and is naturally a very strong leader but he was more aggressive and territorial than just being a "leader".

When he turned 8 years old, we decided to follow a protocol that Megan was recommending in efforts to re-connect and rewire some emotional pathways. After Jack went through the detox symptoms, the change was SO apparent to us. Jack for the first time ever would ask to sleep in our bedroom - to us a sign of connection. He would also initiate expressing his love to us vs. being responsive to us. There was more hugging, deep talks, and wanting to be close to us. Jack also developed more self-control and less aggressiveness. He also started to express empathy towards his siblings, for the first time ever. In addition, there were no longer extreme highs and extreme lows. That showed us that he is able to self-regulate now. From his fall school picture to his spring picture, we can see a light in his eyes!"
Jack's Mother

"We have our Carter Back"

"Before the diagnosis of autism, one of the main ways that we felt we 'lost' Carter was in his regression of communication. Carter had previously been calling me mama, saying zebra and triangle, and playing with his red rocketship. We knew something was terribly wrong when he started to regress in communication and 'checked out' when his sister and I talked.

We reached out to Megan for guidance in his healing process. Megan's wealth of nutritional knowledge became our next 'aha moment' and we saw immediate behavioral results as we implemented the plan.

Here is a sampling of changes we've seen in Carter since working with Megan:

His loving tendencies reach beyond the family now; teachers, babysitters, and schoolmates get love too.

His 'kisses' used to be bumps against my forehead with his chin or his forehead; now he gives little pecks and likes to hug/cuddle.

His threshold for pain was scary (no crying when he whammed his head accidentally); it is a blessing to hear him cry now, especially over little scrapes!

His 'play' used to be rough tickling, flinging him up high, and wrestling; he plays more subtly and appropriately now, and even shows a bit of imagination.

BEST OF ALL, he is starting to talk again!!!! The day he said a word I recognized (instead of a shriek or a babble), I repeated the word back and his face just LIT UP! I cried with relief.

We are thrilled to have our Carter back!"
- Crista, Carter, Chad, and Emma

"The Past is Staying in the Past"

"Epigenetics was not a term I was familiar with; however, the concept made total sense to me. I've always tried to resolve internal struggles with optimism, journal writing, and chatting with friends, but when you work with someone who is trained and a caring listener, like Megan, large breakthroughs really are possible.

Ever since my son, Carter, regressed into autism, I kept replaying the pivotal day where I 'thought' that I sealed his fate. I had done some research and was hesitant, but trusted my doctor too much. I looked back and all I saw was that I, myself, had caused the harm... me, who was supposed to be my son's strongest protector. Shame, regret, agony, and ANGER were my main motivators for Carter's recuperation.

Talking through that long-ago day, crying and really hashing it out, helped me purge my thoughts and conscience in a way I never had been able to before. Megan prayed with me and God brought me peace. Right after we prayed, she asked me to think about that fateful day once again, and, amazingly, there wasn't a flare-up of anger and grief this time. It was still a sad day (like you'd feel if you recalled the day a friend broke their leg), but the past was staying in the past this time.

When Carter arrived home that day, his teacher notes said that he'd actually used the toilet successfully that day (right about the same time Megan and I were praying)! He had only ever used the toilet once before, months ago!

Another amazing shift was in my moods. I had been using 50mg of Zoloft to manage depression. After releasing myself from guilt and condemnation about my son's health, I easily shifted myself down to 25mg of Zoloft and noticed much better and more balanced moods!"
- Carter's Mom