Founder & CEO

Megan Van Zyl, PhD Hon, MA, NTP is the owner and CEO of Cancer Peace University. The goal of Cancer Peace University is to set you free from the fear of cancer. Megan Van Zyl received an honorary doctorate from United Theological College in Philosophy of Humanities for her significant work for those diagnosed with cancer. She also holds her MA in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University. Megan Van Zyl works with cancer clients addressing both the emotional and physical roots to their diagnosis. She supports her clients with lifestyle changes, comprehensive education on the topic what is cancer, dietary changes and supplements. Megan Van Zyl created a training program for holistic practitioners called Cancer Peace University in order to train practitioners with an in depth knowledge of contributing factors to a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Peace University trains all holistic practitioners, doctors and nutritional therapists who have a fear of working with cancer patients or who are passionate about helping their clients prevent cancer. Our goal is to guide clients as they become cancer free, to train the next generation of holistic practitioners to work with those diagnosed with cancer and in cancer prevention and to fund orphanage work in South Africa.

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